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We can help shape your campaign strategy and tactics to maximise your impact - whether your goal is political change, supporter recruitment or supporter retention.And we can help you understand what technology you need, and either help you make the most of your existing software and tech infrastructure, or design and build something bespoke if that's the right solution.


We can design and set up campaign/advocacy and fundraising page templates, optimised to maximise conversions and accessibility.We also offer an add-on for Engaging Networks that improves form validation and accessibility, and enables extra features like address autocomplete and image uploads.We have over 20 years combined experience with Engaging Networks and we're an Engaging Networks accredited partner agency.

Supporter engagement

We can work with you to create beautiful interactive experiences for your supporters – driving engagement and spurring more people to take meaningful action.

Inspired by Spotify ‘Wrapped’ — the rundown of your listening over the past year — we conceived and built a Year in Review tool that several charities are now using. It shows supporters the difference they made personally, weaving data about their campaign actions and donations into a wider story.Read a case study here including an example of the great results for Refugee Action increasing online engagement and donations.

CPRE is one of several organisations we've helped increase engagement by creating dynamic social sharing images for campaign actions.They asked their supporters to count the number of stars they could see at night, to help measure light pollution. Personalised share images for each supporter helped boost engagement and interest. Watch a case study of the project.

Data visualisation and mapping

Showing supporters how they or their local area are affected is a powerful way to motivate them to take action.But creating data visualisations and maps that work well can be tricky – off-the-shelf tools can be inflexible, and custom solutions are often expensive.We can solve this, helping you not just present data better but also use it to tell rich, engaging stories and drive action, more easily and at less cost than you might expect.Click on the images below to see examples of our work in action:

Who we are

Glyn Thomas and Joe Derry Hall from We Could Even (previously Root to Branch) have worked together for six years for a range of charities in the UK, Europe and the US including CPRE, Friends of the Earth, Hope Not Hate, Refugee Action, RSPB, Save the Children, Versus Arthritis and many more.We have previously worked in-house in different UK and international charities, including coalitions and alliances.We have over 20 years combined experience with Engaging Networks and we're an Engaging Networks accredited partner agency.We are based across Edinburgh, Berlin and London.

Joe Derry Hall

Joe Derry Hall

Joe combines a communications and campaigning background with design and full stack developer skills – experienced creating interactive websites, data visualisations and more. With a mix of creative and technical expertise, he's a highly effective collaborator, able to see the bigger picture and contribute ideas.

Joe Derry Hall

Glyn Thomas

Glyn is a digital strategist and web developer, with experience as both a campaigner and fundraiser. He has worked with over 100 organisations in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia since 2008. This has given him real insight into the challenges organisations working on a range of issues face, and how to solve them.

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